Our mission is to carve out affordable and democratic housing in the Tri-Cities metropolitan area. Tres Ríos Community Land Trust will be owned and governed by the people who make our community home.


We purchase a plot of land, a house, or apartment building as a community.

We sell it back to the members of the community who need it most, in the form of a long term lease that goes back to the community land trust after its tenants leave/choose to sell.

When the property is sold, it is sold at a rate that allows us to keep the cost of housing as low and affordable as possible.

In the future we could potentially do the same for even commercial real estate helping us protect and promote our local businesses and goods.

All the while we take initiative as a community to control how we develop the city around us to suite our needs. Part of owning our own properties as a community, means we get to all decide how to best help and support each other.



 A special thanks to the3 Rivers Community Foundation being our fiscal sponsor*

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