The Tres RĂ­os Community Would be:

  1. Self-sufficient
    • – A community that can rely on itself for most neccesary resources is going to be more resilient in hard times. Having the ability to support ourselves also means we will be ready to aid those less fortunate in our community.
  2. Sustainable
    • – We need to be building communities while keeping in mind the generations to come. Working together we can be at the helm of the development process, giving us an opportunity to re-imagine our cities however we please.
  3. Community Focused
    • – Profit driven housing has pitted community members against each other. People have always been able to make shelter to survive. So how do we have half a million homeless while we have 17 million empty homes?
  4. Democratically Run
    • – You should have a say in what happens where you live. You belong here and that means your voice needs to be heard and respected. It’s time that we started listening to each other and solving the problems affecting our community.
  5. Inclusive and Diverse
    • – Racism has a home nowhere. We need to be mindful of:
    • – How generational wealth, and a ongoing legacy of racism and discrimination has affected the development of our community.
    • – How lack of reliable access to housing contributes to the problems of racism and discrimination.
    • – In general we need to be actively carving a path forward and away from a history of things like Jim Crow in our cities.
  6. Actively Building Happiness
    • – Happiness is something that can be designed. We can make it part of how we walk through our towns.
    • – We can be selective and curate how our public spaces will look.
    • – Make our residential areas safer, cleaner, easier to navigate, and more convenient to live in.