Tres Ríos Community Land Trust is an inclusive organization that will create permanently affordable housing, providing people of modest means safe, sustainably designed, homes.

Join us today to support affordable housing for Tri-Citizens of modest means – people like teachers, grocery clerks, and others who earn less than the average median income.

Tres Ríos is a membership organization, scroll down to learn more about the community land trust model!

By donating at any amount, you’ll become part of the CLT community – contributing to safe, secure housing for more of our neighbors.


We purchase or build a house as a community.

We sell it to a qualified buyer. In WA most land trusts are creating workforce housing selling to folks earning below the average median income (AMI) and up to 120% of AMI.

The buyer carries a traditional mortgage and builds equity on the structure. They also pay a small monthly lease fee to the CLT.

If the owner chooses to sell, the community land trust selects the next qualified buyer. About 40% of CLT buyers move on to a traditional purchase.

When the property is sold, it is sold at a rate that allows us to keep the cost of housing as affordable as possible.

We can also purchase commercial real estate, keeping rents affordable and helping to support our small business owners.



We are a non-profit organization that will combine private and public funds (HOME grants, and other state and federal housing money) to get people into affordable homes. If you think decent housing is a human right, please join today!

Donate at whatever level you are able, or volunteer.